YOGA FOR CHILDREN is a fun and effective way for children to continually rediscover and re-enforce their own true natures, and helps them to be more playful, creative, energetic and happy.


Afi Kobari
Certified Yoga Trainer

Yoga is a very effective tool for improving and maintaining the memory and concentration skills needed for academics and life. Through breath awareness and yoga movements children learn to calm and relax their minds and bodies, and build greater self-esteem and confidence.

About Afi Kobari and Yogamama

Afi practices the branch of yoga called Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is based on therapy that develops an individual's unique differences, and the poses and teachings are tailored specific for each participant.

Afi received her certificate in Yoga Rx Therapy at Loyola Marymount University in Southern California. She is also trained and certified in Reki, an energy healing therapy that uses stress reduction and relaxation techniques to promote and restore physical and emotional well-being.


Afi's love of children... inspired the creation of Yogamama. Her method of bringing the joy of yoga into the lives of children is very unique. Her techniques include using her "Magic Box," a box decorated with sequins, ribbons, and pearls, and filled with softly ringing chimes, to capture the children's attention from the start. She ends each session with yoga relaxation, a time when the children lie on their yoga mats and let their minds travel to places they would like to go. Afi calls this time, traveling to "Yummy Land." "Yummy Land" is a special place where only children can go. It is a time of rest after a fun-filled yoga session. Some children may choose to let their imagination take them to an amusement park, while others may choose to go to the beach, or run through a field of grass. Their choices are boundless.

From the beginning of your child's yoga session to the end they will feel fully involved, and will begin to embrace the joy of who they are as an individual. They will learn to value themselves as well as those around them, and will become more aware of their role in this wonderful and magical world of ours. You can find references to Afi's method for teaching yoga to children in "Yoga for Dummies", 2nd edition, by George Feuerstein, PhD., and Larry Payne, PhD.

Yogamama provides yoga workshops for teachers, and yoga classes for preschool and elementary aged children. It also offers individually designed yoga classes for children with special needs.

Yogamama also focuses on women's health issues. Afi extended Yogamama due to her personal struggle with both fibromyalgia and breast cancer.

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